While newer generation Ku- and Ka-band systems dramatically increase the amount of bandwidth available to airborne users, the bandwidth is provided in a single large “pipe” with no built-in ability to distinguish between which passengers and application will have access to the bandwidth.

Aero+ Flexibility offers additional services, enables network management capabilities giving the user business class connectivity.


Create customizable aircraft zones to allocate bandwidth


Monitor onboard Satcom system


Secure the onboard network with advanced filtering features (IP, MAC…)

SBB Fallback

SwiftBroadBand fall-back in case of Inmarsat GX service interruption

Payment portal

Easily create and enable a CC payment portal for passengers to access the internet

UI Customization

Customize the Aero+ Flexibility responsive user interface

Aero+ Suite : a complete application solution to answer your needs

VIP and Government aircraft typically serve multiple passengers, all of whom have different phone and internet access requirements.


Developed by Eclipse Global Connectivity, the Aero+ Software Suite offers a broad choice of innovative mobile-friendly apps to help manage and control the inflight network including :

Reliable network

A guaranteed Internet connection for VIP devices

Ground network integration

Seamless integration into customer ground networks


Secure, quality VoIP telephone calls

Network security

Simple to manage access control

Payment portal

On-board billing functions

Flight Ops teams use a variety of the Aero+ innovative mobile-friendly apps to manage and control inflight networks, offering the highest level of connectivity experience for passengers.